This yummy dish is vegan! It can be used as an entree for an asian/indiandinner or perhaps as a snack at parties.....

Cabbage Manchurian:

(to make around 30...) Ingredients:
half a shredded cabbage
pepper to taste
salt to taste
std flour (not sure what this measurement is. I will enquire on the originating page...)
oil to fry

for seasoning:
chopped onions
chopped green chillies(2-4)
grated ginger
chopped garlic
tomato sauce
soy sauce
chilli sauce (optional)

Method: mix the cabbage, salt, pepper and flour (don't add water but leave for a couple of minutes) and make meatball sized balls and deep fry them.

heat oil in a frying pan, fry the onions until golden brown, add chopped chillies,ginger,garlic and fry. now add the sauces according to taste. finally add the fried cabbage balls and mix until they are coated with the seasoning.

NOTE: this can be made as hot n spicy as preferred or the chillies can be omitted.

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